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Their Background:Pioneers in Tasty High Tech BBQ

Everyone wants easier, more convenient, tastier barbecue. And BBQ Guru delivers – through sophisticated temperature control devices for charcoal or woodburning grills, and their first-on-the-market line of high tech cooker accessories. BBQ Guru came to Syndicated Technologies for tech help.

The mission? Develop a website and app that could work congruently with their appliances and connect it all through the Internet of Things. It’s not science fiction – it’s high tech barbecue. Syndicated Technologies had just the expertise to make this happen.

Syndicated Technologies
Syndicated Technologies
BBQ Guru | Syndicated Technologies

Syndicate's Role:Expanding the User Experience

The Plan Syndicate built a website that helped to control and monitor several of their BBQ products over WiFi and Bluetooth. Through a design of multiple APIs, both the website and the voice-control devices – Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistants—could all work together, reducing redundancy and improving efficiency. Now grillers would be armed with the ability to create accounts, connect their device, control it through the website, and record and graph all the details about their cooks. And of course, upload those all-important pictures of the finished product.

Raising the "Steaks" But there was more to be done. Could Syndicated Technologies make this process even more convenient and precise for mobile? They proceeded to help develop an app that would work for both iOS and Android, so grillers could control the entire process over Bluetooth or WiFi through their cell phones. This measure also called for building an additional API to interface with the API calls specifically for the app. Now that’s some high tech grilling.

To Gamify Cooking What could make a convenient, precision grilling experience like this even better than doing it all while watching the big game in the TV Room? Making it competitive, of course. Syndicate’s finishing touch was to add gamification to the website, so grillers everywhere could track their most popular cooks and post them to leaderboards to earn awards and recognition.

The Result:More Precise, More Convenient, More Fun

Cooking stellar BBQ just heated up to a whole new level. With digital connectivity unifying the cooking process across all platforms, the ease and precision of controlling cooks from anywhere, and the thrill of competition, now every griller could become a BBQ Guru and reap the rewards. Mission accomplished.

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